Lab development / Building a development base service

This type of development requires contract with developer on a monthly basis for system development.
It is suitable for long-span project and several projects.It also realizes developing with low cost ordering per project.


Staff in India monthly cost

Standard price

Project Manager
PHP programmer
Linux engineer
Japanese iPhone & android engineer, management staff (translations)

2800USD/per month

2000USD/per month
2200USD/per month
2500USD/per month 3500 yen/per hour

Project team cost example

maintenance & operation for Travel information website
Operating after releasing the web site.
- Design and system maintenance
– Launch new content (low cost)
800USD/per month
Director: 1 Programmer: 1 non-dedicated staff member

Social game application for smartphone operation
Operating after releasing application
- trouble management in case of increased access
– put on a fun event regularly
4000USD/per month
Director: 1 Programmer: 2 dedicated staff members

Building a development base support

Onedish provides development base to meet the client’s requests.
We offer facility, qualified staff and everything else as one-stop service.

Service Contents

● Choose a base for the office 〜 Prepare PC & infrastructure
● Select and employ management staff
● Select and employ development staff
※ This is not a creation of Indian company but simply outsourcing of development center

Monthly cost example in case 50 people team )

Cost for development staff
Japanese side management fee 10%

Total  44,000USD/per month
※Development team is only 880 USD/person.