Contract type offshore development

Full support of planning, design, system development, operations and management.
※Onedish staff will help you to overcome challenges of business communication in English.


  • Low-cost
  • Global standard quality
  • Multilingual
30% off the projects with budgets up to 1 million yen
50% off the projects with budgets more than 1 million yen
(In comparison with development in Japan)
Mobile devices of smartphone type (iPhones)~
Development team responds to leading edge technology such as iPhone, Facebook.
No extra charge for development in English.Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and other languages can also be arranged.


Case 1

Motor Way Buddy (for UK)

Application for locating the picnic areas for trucks in UK.
Popular as it combines the MAP and community service with GPS.

Development period: 4 months
Development cost: 1.2 million yen

Case 2

Easy Meals

Recipe searching directory.

Development period: 3 months
Development cost: 1.7 million yen

Case 3

Flashop (Japan)

Providing shop information and coupon service (with GPS)

Development period: 4 months
Development cost: 1.7 million yen

Case 4

Native WordPress (for China)

CMS open source smartphone blog with WordPress application

Development period: 4 months
Development cost: 0.8 million yen

Case 5

Future book

Web management system for book-scanning (digitalization)

Development period: 4 months
Development cost: 1.2 million yen

Cooperation with Indian development team – SDIBS Inc.

SDIBS is involved in business in more than 20 countries around the world and boasts 100 high-grade developers. Onedish offers you the high quality development system with SDIBS.


Our development policy is that we provide technical support to our clients allowing them to achieve their goals.

Therefore we pay attention to the following 3 points:
1. Maintain service quality to international standards
2. Adapt to client’s work style
3. Meet deadlines and budgets

Pictures of SDIBS

Creation system

Development system

○Japanese side – development management
Development director – (web & application development director)
Coordinator for India (managing Indian director)

○India side – development
Project manager
Engineer (Programmer, testing staff)

Contact point for client is the development director of the Japanese side.

※Onedish staff will help you to overcome challenges of business communication in English.

Development director understands client’s needs and handle the project.
Coordinator is responsible for coordination in India.

Development Flowchart
Development Step
Proposal created
  • Planning Support
    Development director provides planning support by studying client’s needs
    and deciding on the outline of the plan (creation of the screen transition chart and design).
    * Help with appointment of the designer.
Determined specification
SRS created
  • Support creating specification sheet
    Support in creating following documents: screen transition chart, screen specification sheet, database design diagram as well as detailed design.
Implementation and test
  • Designing, Development, Implementation
    Managing design, development, implementation and other required systems based on specification sheet.
  • Server set up, release
※Various support services

Onedish offers you various support services such as providing plan format, promotion after release etc.

POINTS-2 ( higher quality is required )

  • Mix-shore development
  • =
  • Basic development in India
  • +
  • Final development in Japan


Providing estimation according to the following items.

Creating Plan & Specification sheet
Design cost
-HTML cording
 -system development
Translation and management
100,000-300,000 yen
100,000-300,000 yen

1500 yen/per hour
1700 yen/per hour
1500 yen/per hour
3500円 yen/per hour

/ Japan
/Japan (recommended to be provided by client)

Japan (approx. 10% of overall budget)

The indication of price

Instagram photo sharing app
GPS-linked communication app
GPS-linked communication app
Simple game app
1.5-2 million yen
1 -1.5 million yen
0.3 – 0.5 million yen
0.2-0.3 million yen