Indian-market support package

People buy products in India for the same price as in Japan

Average monthly salary is not so high in India but despite of that positive consumer confidence is impressive.
You will be surprised that the products of the same quality are more expensive in India than in Japan.
Most of Indian-produced goods are of low quality as the producers are new to business, but the prices are high nevertheless. For these reasons, Indian market is so attractive for Japanese companies because their products are of guaranteed high quality.
“ If the product is of good quality, people will buy it even though it’s expensive.” This is the Indian Market.

Test marketing using popular Indian EC website

Good quality on its own is not sufficient. You need to adapt and improve your products to Indian market needs. Onedish offers you test marketing (Internet based) to do that.

We arrange tie-ups with popular Indian EC-portal web site. You can make a test marketing process smoothly according to the following steps.
- Compare the data such as the number of the attention rate and the purchase of the product with the competing product. People buy product in India for the same price as in Japan.

- Get users’ feedback as much as possible.
- Adapt and improve your product to the Indian market.
- Try to distribute your product to the Indian market.
You don’t need to invest heavily to do above steps but it can be done in a low-cost way.

Smooth arrangement for sales and distribution

Next step is to prepare for market introduction after pre-market screening of the Indian market. Onedish provides support for proposing joint-promotion and product sale arrangement due to the partnership with the one of the largest Indian EC sites .

Summary of expanding into Indian market

If the product has good quality, people buy even though it’s expensive.
But it is necessary to improve product

Test Marketing at low cost.

understand quality of the product
ex) It’s nothing particular that chair is wobbling.
understand differences in Indian preferences
ex) different from your country in size, color etc.

Improved product → Increasd sales

Make use of Onedish test marketing package.
Pre-market screening of Indian market at low cost ⇒ Start sales


Test marketing package for first step to expand into Indian market

Expand your business smoothly and effectively considering the regional characteristics in the use of local staff and Internet

Test Marketing
Business Representative
Phone Number
Email address
1 Staff

Test Marketing at Indian E-commerce site

Tie-up with popular Indian EC-portal web site.

Standard sales

Fashion & Furniture
selling site
0.75 million PV/day
0.5 million member (as of Sep. 2012)
15,000 orders/day
4000-5000 yen for clothes
AV & fashion total category
1.2 million PV/day
1.8 million users (as of Sep. 2012)
25,000 orders/per day
7000 yen / average purchase amount in one order
Option A
Option B
Japan selection
Gathering sales
(Japanese items)
Item price will be 50% off upon 1000 items request.

Business Representative

market information collection center is placed to receive responses from E-commerce site.

  • localized version website
  • Call & Mail center
  • Summarize information & Report
Released English website implementing SEO in brand name and prepare for the queries from media and customers.

Local staff who understand the local language
Respond queries
Sales management
Online shopping management
Make up queries from local companies
Collect information about local market

Merchandise to sell

Point is “popular in Japan” or “made in Japan.”

AV, consumer electronics, toys, clothing, furniture, baby products and industrial equipment
initial cost
Category Items Price(JPY)
Test marketing
(Chose either) Type A– Standard sales 100,000yen registration
Business Representative English website 200,000yen
SEO 20,000yen
Call&Mail desk 30,000yen
Monthly operation cost (6 months)
Items price(JPY)
operate English website 5,000円
Call&Mail desk 25,000yen
SEO, information gathering, report 5,000yen